Pros and Cons of Juicing Cleanses

 Pros and Cons of Juicing CleansesDetoxifying diets are also called cleansing fasts. These are fasts that use juices and are designed to give your body a rest from the traditional, everyday diet of fast foods, chips and soft drinks. Detoxification cleansings are thought by many to provide a time when your body can rest and recuperate, while only healthful juices are being consumed. The detox juice cleansing is controversial.

Some swear by it’s benefits, while others cite that there are not enough supporting research studies from reliable sources to back the benefits. Be that as it may, juice cleanses are here to stay, and those that use them profess their benefits. However, before you decide whether the juice cleanse is right for you, here are a few pros and cons relating to the subject. As always, with this and any other diet and/or exercise change, please check with a board certified physician.

The juice cleanse is basically a fasting period. Though detoxification diets vary, they basically share a few similarities. During the fasting period you are using only juices. These juices may be freshly juiced produce, or specialized brand named organic juices. It is believed that by engaging in a juice cleanse, you are flushing out toxins from the body. No solid foods or strenuous activities are permitted during a juice cleanse. Though some weight is lost during this time, this weight loss is not permanent, so no juice cleanses should ever be considered to be a ‘quick weight loss’ trick.

Pros of Juice Cleansings

  • Feeling of Health and Wellness

Those who finish a juice cleansing that has lasted for at least four days report feeling a great sense of health and wellness. They feel energized and bright with an improved attitude on life in general. Most people state that after a juice fast, they experience a high level of emotional and psychological well-being.

  • Breaking a Bad Habit

Going on a juice cleanse can help people lessen the amount of junk food they consume. Those individuals who are trying to stop or lessen their dependence on processed foods often report that juice cleanses are a great tool in achieving this goal. Being away from the traditional fare for several days makes it easier to abstain in the future.

  • Getting More Great Produce Into Your Diet

A juice cleanse not only aides in detoxing your body, but is also a great way to get more produce into your system. For four whole days your body will be taking in nothing juice that is jam packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidents and phytochemicals, all of which nourish your body on a cellular level. If your cells are happy and healthy, chances are you will be happy and healthy. It’s at this time, you are free to experiment with the vast variety of juice recipes available to you.

Cons of a Juice Cleanse

  • Being Hungry

While you are on this juice cleanse, there are not solid foods. No oils and no chunks of breads or pastas allowed. As a result, your body will begin to feel hungry. Even if you consume a juice with a solid calorie count, you will still be hungry because you have not consumed any bulk, such as fibers or oils.

  • Sugar Intake

Most people prefer fruit juices to vegetable juices when they do a juice cleanse, citing the taste, and for those who are susceptible to ‘sugar swings’ this can pose a problem. If you believe you are more susceptible to sugar swings, try to incorporate more vegetable juices into your juice cleanse. Not only do some people notice the mood change, but others may experience dizziness when they first start a juice cleanse as well. Be aware of your body, and stop the cleanse when you feel compromised in any way.

  • Expense

Juicing every day as an addition to your daily diet is not expensive at all. However, to go on a juice fast of freshly juiced juices for four days might be a little expensive. Those who go on special juice brand cleanses by purchasing bottled brands can really see their price skyrocket, as organic bottled juices are very expensive. Simple juice cleanses such as drinking only carrot and apple juice for a few days are not that expensive, but are lacking in a variety of nutrients.

Juice cleansing has many benefits, but also a few downsides. If you are considering such a cleanse, please check with your doctor first, and do some extensive research on the topic. For individuals that not only desire the benefit of juicing, but also the long for the benefits of fiber, feel free to research ‘smoothie cleanses’. With the smoothie cleanse, you are using the full fruit or vegetable, so are consuming fiber and bulk along with the juice, which helps to keep you less hungry, plus you also get the added benefits of fiber. Research on the best product for juicing to ensure you get the maximum benefit from juice cleanses.