How to Make Pre-Packed Smoothies


pre packed smoothiesDo you struggle to get enough fruits and vegetables into your diet? Are you looking to curb a morning coffee habit that learns you sluggish later in the day? Do you go through drink stops to get your juice fix? Get your own juicer (read our reviews) and learn to make pre-packed smoothies at home so you can save time and money while making health conscious decisions.

Step 1: Set your nutrition goal.

First off, you need to decide what types of nutritional outcome you are hoping to gain from your smoothie. There are many different options to consider. It could be adding more protein to your diet through the use of Greek yogurts and peanut butter powder, or trying to incorporate more antioxidants by incorporating kale into a green smoothie. In addition, you could incorporate more fiber through mixing in chia seeds. Through setting your nutrition goal, you can then plan what ingredients to purchase for our next step.

Step 2: Write that grocery list!

After coming to the conclusion of what type of smoothies you want to make, now is the time to plan out your next grocery trip. When making pre-packed smoothies you want to check prices of frozen, cut up, fruit versus fresh fruit. Fruit that is in season typically is easier on the wallet. Also check out bulk prices, as items like bananas are cheap and can be frozen.

Step 3: Organize, organize, organize!

After returning home from the grocery store, get right to work making your pre-packed smoothies. Wash fruit and vegetables if needed, cut into bite sized pieces, and place into freezer bags. Be sure to write the name of the smoothie, for example strawberry-banana or pineapple-orange, on the baggie as well as the date you prepared the package. Frozen fruit has a shelf life of 6 – 9 months. Remove excess air from the baggie and place into the freezer. By preparing your pre-packed smoothies all at once, you are left with little waste and fewer dishes.

Step 4: Make a smoothie!

Now all you need is your blender, one of your pre-packed smoothies, a little yogurt, and some milk or juice of your choosing. You can add any additional items to your smoothie such as flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut milk, protein powders, you name it! The great part of pre-packed smoothies is you can constantly tweak recipes to your liking. Enjoy!